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Guest Review Poos-day – Miller Lite

Posted by on March 18, 2008

Most people already have their minds made up about Miller Lite–you either love it, or you hate it. The haters have labeled Miller Lite as a “cheap watered down” beer that doesn’t stand up to other beers. Idiots. While I understand that there are better beers out there, I contend that Miller Lite is the best of the “majors” when it comes to beer.

It actually has a good color to it. When compared to the Michelobs and the Bud Lights of the world, its actually quite a bit darker. (Use your imagination here, and pretend that I have a picture of three beers, and one is darker than the others). There is no heavy alcohol taste to it, but there certainly is a flavor. The best that I could describe it is a natural Cheerio-oat-y flavor.

Miller Lite actually has a respectable 4.2 percent alcohol content. Yea, you thought it was less than that, didn’t you? Snob.

Guest Rating: 4.5 out of 5 poos

(Picture disclosure: this camera phone picture does not do this poo justice. I had 6 ML’s last night, and it looked like I poo-ed a partially digested squirrel)

6 Miller Lites

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Kill Ugly Radio Ale

Posted by on September 16, 2007

Finally, an ale worthy of putting Frank Zappa’s name on it! Kill Ugly Radio is from the Lagunitas Brewing Company for the “celebration of the 40th anniversary release of F.Z. and the Mothers ‘Absolutely Free.'” I found this beer at a little liquor store while in Austin, TX for work. It has quite a unique IPA taste.

Kill Ugly Radio


This beer is nice and clear, but not pale clear. A rich amber color. Not too carbonated, either, but it has enough.

This bottle gets even more attention than the beer itself. The label features the cover of the “Absolutely Free” album along with a quote from Zappa. It’s the only reason I picked this one up, to be FRANK! That’s terrible. I’m sorry.


The taste is unique, that’s for sure. It appears to be an IPA, but there’s no mention of it on the label. It has a sweet, citrus flavor at first, with a clean, long-lasting bitter finish. What makes it unique to me is that it doesn’t have the strong aftertaste that you normally get with many IPAs, especially the high alcohol ones. Kill Ugly Radio weighs in at 7.8% ABV, but it doesn’t taste that high. You don’t get an overly alcoholic taste here. You get an all-around, great flavored beer! From start to finish, it’s full of flavors that you just want to keep on putting in your mouth! MMmmmm!


Explosive, to say the least! When you first sit down, BAM! All kinds of poo coming out of ya. This actually woke me up in the morning! I’m not sure what’s more to blame, though. The beer or the food?


This poo had a couple of other brews in it (which will be showcased soon), so I can’t let Kill Ugly Radio take complete credit for this monstrosity. However, I feel that Kill Ugly Radio did add a tiny cooling sensation.

The food I ate for dinner the night before was a pulled-pork BBQ sandwich and some sushi. Two very different flavors… but I wanted them both, so I went for it.

The real power of this poo is the staying power it has. The toilet at this hotel came equipped with a “Flushinator.” Yes, it’s as intimidating as it sounds. Don’t believe me? Take a look:


That thing’s a beast. It literally shakes the ground with flushing. But get ready for this…


That’s right! Even after flushing with the “Flushinator” streaks survived. That’s one tough poo.


I enjoyed Kill Ugly Radio a lot. It had a very unique taste that was delicious. I’d recommend it for an interesting IPA taste. I’ll also give it… 5 Poos!

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